Press ham into muffin tin. These 7+ low-carb ideas can't be missed

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So many people watch their carb intake these days that it makes sense to have a few carb-lite snacks whenever you throw together party food or have a group of people around to watch the big game.
Low-carb recipes can be brilliantly creative and make us look at well-loved ingredients in a whole new way. Whether you're trying to shed a few pounds or maintain a healthy weight, these recipes will help you do it while still impressing everyone with your awesome party food.
Low-carb ham, cheese and egg cups
Although breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, it can also be the most chaotic. It might even seem impossible to snag a healthy breakfast on the go. The recipe below makes it a snap to prep a low-carb breakfast you can grab on your way out the door.
Low-carb ham breakfast burrito. Use ham slices as a wrapper and get ready to enjoy the most heavenly low-carb meal yet.
Cauliflower-crusted grilled cheese sandwiches (h/t Kirbie Cravings)
Cauliflower is a true low-carb favorite. It's surprisingly versatile and makes a great "crust," as seen in the video below. A stack of these snacks, with that melted cheese filling lending plenty of extra flavor, will disappear in seconds. Watch the video to see this delicious treat made.
Spinach quiche cups (h/t Manila Spoon)
Baked eggs taste so great, especially when mixed with a few other ingredients. Watch the video below for a recipe with plenty of flavor.
Cheesy grain-free spinach crackers (h/t Keto Diet App)
How gorgeous are these to look at? That vibrant green color comes from the spinach in this recipe, along with a few more inspired ingredients. Check out the video below to see these little crackers come to life.
Asiago rosemary crisps
These pretty, lacey crisps look and taste absolutely stunning yet contain only a few ingredients. Amazing, right? Check out the video to see how they are made. You'll probably want to make plenty of these delectable cheese and rosemary crackers as they will disappear at lightening speed.
Keto breadsticks (h/t Ruled Me)
Dips and yummy things to dip in are standard fare at parties. This awesome recipe, shown in the video below, gives you three variations on a low-carb "breadstick" that you'll make again and again. Each one is delicious, so pick your favorite.
Crab cakes (h/t Paleo Cupboard)
Little crab cakes are popular at parties and a sensible option if you're sticking to a low-carb diet. This lovely recipe shown below doesn't just help you to make the best crab cakes you've ever tasted, it also shows you how to put together a great sweet and sour vinaigrette to serve with them.
Low-carb mozzarella sticks (h/t Gluesticks and Gumdrops)
Cheese lovers will love thes mozzarella sticks. String cheese sticks receive a coating of a seasoned parmesan crust and fry until golden. Perfect party fare and a sure-fire way to please low-carb eaters looking for something really delicious to try. Watch the video to see how you can make these.
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