8 low-carb tuna recipes that'll have you snatching up tuna cans the next time you're at the store

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It's hard not to feel bad for tuna: It's typically relegated to the back of the pantry, waiting to be turned into some kind of melt or salad when you're short on time and haven't been to the grocery store. It's often an emergency staple and not the star of any show other than the occasional lunch. Maybe it's time to rethink tuna.
Packed with protein and omega-3s, it's healthy and affordable. In fact, the only problem is figuring out how to use it more often. Luckily, the blogosphere has once again come to the what's-for-dinner rescue. Check out the recipes below to learn new ways to put this pantry staple to use beyond a blue-moon sandwich.
Tuna cakes with a zing
Loaded with flavor, these little cakes are not just beautiful and budget-friendly, but they're also a wee bit fancy. Serve them for lunch or dinner at home or as a different appetizer for a supper club. (Because there's very little filler, be sure to flip them gently while cooking.)
Tuna salad with romaine lettuce (h/t Healthy Fitness Meals)
A very easy way to go low-carb is to simply substitute the bread for lettuce. Try romaine or butter lettuce.
Tuna stuffed avocado (h/t Stay at Home Chef)
To keep super healthy, skip the mayo and season with lime juice, cilantro, and salt and pepper.
Zucchini tuna cakes
This recipe offers an inventive way to use up a bounty of zucchini from your garden. Healthy, quick and easy, this could be a quick snack or a complete meal when served with some fruit and a salad.
Cucumber tuna sandwiches (h/t Keto Vale)
Another great way to enjoy tuna salad is to use cucumber slices. For added taste and garnish, top with sunflower seeds.
Cucumber or pickle tuna boats
If slices aren't your cup of tea, try serving boat-style instead. This works well for other vegetables outside of cucumbers. Consider bell peppers and mushrooms.
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Tuna noodles casserole
If you grew up eating tuna noodle casserole, you might long for that nostalgic dish once in a while.
No-carb tuna deviled eggs
You make these just as you would your favorite (carb-filled) deviled eggs. Just use the ingredients listed and proceed as usual for a no-carb, protein-filled hors d'oeuvre.
Avocado tuna salad
Use ring molds to shape this salad, which is a layered beauty of avocado, tuna salad and salsa fresca: a blend of powerful flavor in each bite.
Mini tuna melts
Mini tuna melts are a quick and simple lunch option that brings new purpose to your muffin tin. (It's also a dish you can make ahead of time and reheat at the office or at school.)
Low-carb tuna salad
This take on a classic – tuna salad – eliminates most of the carbs and packs a bunch of crunch thanks to a few stalks of celery.
Incredible low carb tuna pie
This recipe is comfort food with none of the carbs (or at least very few). The pie swaps out peas for green beans and can be made with or without gluten-free noodles.
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