7 low-carb meals that will actually make you feel full

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We all know low-carb is the way to go, but who likes being hungry all the time? Definitely not me, and I'm sure you don't like it either!
Luckily for us, low-carb doesn't mean having to go to bed hungry. These meals are filling, delicious, AND low-carb... what more could you ask for?
1. Beef and chorizo empanadas (h/t Peace Love and Low Carb)
Empanadas are one of my favorite comfort foods, so I was so happy to see this amazing low-carb recipe! They're surprisingly quick and easy to make, and they definitely won't leave you going to bed hungry.
2. Low-carb chicken with fennel and bacon
Braising—simmering in a seasoned liquid—is one of the best ways to cook chicken. It’s not the fastest cooking method, but it’s easy and produces tender meat that’s deeply infused with the other flavors in the dish. The recipe below is a great low-carb example. Get the full recipe here.
3. One pan Italian sausage and veggies (h/t Chelsea's Messy Apron)
If you're looking for a delicious but easy low-carb dinner, this is the recipe for you. It's packed with veggies, and it would be pretty easy to swap some of the ingredients out to use up whatever you have in your fridge!
4. Almost no carb pizza (h/t 730 Sage Street)
Pizza doesn't have to be a guilty indulgence food! This "almost no carb" pizza is even tastier than delivery, and it's definitely way better for you. This recipe is for a cheese and pepperoni pizza, but you could use whatever toppings you like!
5. Low-carb cashew chicken lettuce wrap
Cashew chicken is a Chinese takeout favorite. Tender chunks of chicken are stir-fried with a savory soy-based sauce, and cashews add richness and texture. It’s usually served with steamed white rice, but the recipe below offers a low-carb version that’s wrapped in lettuce leaves. Get the full recipe here.
6. Mexican cauliflower rice (h/t My Food Story)
Even people who don't like cauliflower like this Mexican cauliflower rice, and that's saying a lot! It's warm, spicy, and flavorful — perfect for chilly winter evenings.
7. Salmon BLT stacks (h/t Barbells and Bellinis)
Who doesn't love a good BLT? Instead of making yours with bread, follow this recipe and make an incredibly delicious version with salmon and lemon caper vinaigrette.
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