Follow this easy bread substitute recipe and save yourself some carbs (+ 8 recipes)

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Low carb? Need some fresh lunch inspiration? We've got you covered with some tasty, easy and low carb recipes. Keep your healthy diet delicious with these fantastic lunch ideas!
The popularity of low carb means that awesome cooks keep on coming up with innovative and fabulous recipes that make low carb an easy and healthy lifestyle choice to make!
1. Cloud bread (h/t Spend With Pennies)
Cute name, easy to make and very handy for anyone following a low carb diet. This version of cloud bread is so versatile and nice to nibble on, you'll probably find that a batch will vanish pretty quickly!
2. Thai turkey lettuce wraps (h/t Sweet Peas and Saffron)
These crunchy, healthy lettuce wraps tick every box. Easy to make, satisfying and really yummy to eat! The freshness of the leaf wrap is a fabulous contrast to the spicy filling and the peanut butter and lime juice sauce is positively addictive!
3. Cilantro lime chicken and cauliflower rice (h/t Fit Foodie Finds)
It's dishes like this one that make a low carb lifestyle such a breeze to stick with. The cauliflower 'rice' is made into something pretty special with black beans and crunchy red onion and is the perfect accompaniment to the fabulous lime and cilantro chicken.
4. Taco stuffed zucchini boats (h/t My Sequined Life)
Float off on a dreamy lunchtime with these seriously delicious taco-stuffed zucchini boats. You definitely won't miss the tortilla when you bite into these cheesy, spicy, meaty morsels; the zucchini makes a brilliant healthy alternative.
5. Shrimp and cauliflower salad (h/t I Breathe I'm Hungry)
Cauliflower is a real cornerstone of the low carb food-lovers diet, and it turns up again in this delectable salad. Salty olives cut through the creamy sauce and a sprinkling of dill with the shrimp ties the whole thing together beautifully.
6. Shawarma chicken bowls with basil and lemon (h/t The Iron You)
There's something good about food in a bowl. A bowl of good food. This recipe relies on great ingredients working in harmony with each other, and all brought together with a fresh, zingy, garlicky dressing that is just delightful to eat!
7. Oh my gosh spaghetti squash (h/t My New Roots)
Earthy, satisfying and packed with goodness, this is a truly fabulous lunch for cold days. The salty, sweet pecorino and toasted hazelnuts give an amazing flavor and texture to a healthy and hearty low carb feast.
8. Thai stuffed avocados (h/t Eat Live Run)
Avocado is such a joy to eat with its buttery pale green flesh and healthy credentials. This recipe shines a whole new light on avocado, serving it up with a sensational creamy, spicy filling with sprouts and peanuts adding a delicious crunch!
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