8 low-carb sandwiches that should definitely be on your list for lunch

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Finding the perfect low-carb sandwich can be a real challenge. After all, the main ingredient in a traditional sandwich is bread. However, there are numerous ways that you can substitute bread and still have a delicious sandwich.
You've come to the right place if you are stumped about how to craft a low-carb sandwich that is not just healthy but tastes absolutely amazing. Here are a few that you should whip up this week.
Tuna melt sandwich
If you want all the flavor but none of the carbs, then you'll love this rendition of the tuna melt sandwich. The toppings are pretty much the same, but the key ingredient is to replace the bun. Get the full recipe here.
Low-carb grilled cheese
This zucchini-based option for a grilled cheese is absolutely delectable! The melted cheese combined with the crisp zucchini "bread" is just what your taste buds need! Get the full recipe here.
Pickle sub sandwich
It you've ever put pickles on your sandwich, you are going to love this one. Substituting bread for pickles keeps your sandwich firmly together and still packs the briny, crunchy deliciousness we all enjoy. Get the full recipe here.
Italian sub roll-ups
Stressed about bread replacement? Use nothing! Instead, roll up a sandwich with your favorite meat, and you have a low-carb solution without the fuss. Get the full recipe here.
Low-carb patty melt
This option still calls for regular bread, but the trick is to opt for thinly sliced pieces to keep the carb count under control. The comeback sauce in this recipe is absolutely incredible. Get the full recipe here.
Low-carb turkey and cucumber sandwiches
This is a quick yet tasty solution for a low-carb sandwich. Cucumber slices work as the "bread" and offer the perfect amount of crunch. Get the full recipe here.
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